Pauline and Veronica celebrated at Federation of Irish Sport Volunteer Awards

13 Jan 2021
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Pauline Nugent and Veronica Murray are honoured at the virtual 2020 Federation of Irish Sport Volunteers in Sport Awards.

Volunteers from a host of sports from across the 32 counties of Ireland are honoured this week at the virtual 2020 Federation of Irish Sport Volunteers in Sport Awards, proudly supported by EBS Mortgage Masters.

The Volunteers in Sport Awards were created to champion the contribution, commitment and dedication of the army of 450,000 volunteers across the country who go above and beyond by giving their time to Irish sport and physical activity each year.  These volunteers dedicate some 37.2 million hours of volunteering across the country’s 13,000+ sports clubs and associations every year.

CEO of the Federation of Irish Sport, Mary O’Connor said;

“Sport plays a central role in the social fabric of every community in Ireland, yet it would not happen at all without the army of volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise across pitches, courts, tracks, pools and community halls across the country. This year, more than ever before, we have seen just how essential the role of the volunteer is in our local communities."

Special Olympics Ireland is delighted that two of our longstanding volunteers were honoured at these prestigious awards.  Veronica Murray (nominated by Special Olympics Connaught) and Pauline Nugent (nominated by Ormond Special Olympics Club)

Veronica Murray celebrates with award

Veronica Murray

Veronica Murray, has been a volunteer with Special Olympics since 1995 and is the Connaught Bowling Co-coordinator since 1998.

Veronica is a quiet, unassuming person who gets the job done and to a very high standard. She has seen Special Olympics develop over the years and has grown and adapted with it. The variety of roles she has taken on over the years is remarkable, and the time, expertise, energy she has given to the organisation is to be commended.

Everything Veronica undertakes is always with the athletes in mind: she has a great understanding of their individual needs and loves having fun and ensuring they are enjoying themselves while developing and improving their skills both on and off the field.

Veronica is truly a worthy recipient of this prestigious award, a wonderful volunteer that underestimates the impact she makes to the lives of our athletes.

Pauline Nugent celebrates with award

Pauline Nugent

Tipperary’s Pauline Nugent is a kind, caring, empathetic, encouraging, patient and wonderful person, who has been involved with Ormond Special Olympics Club for 20 years.

She has been coach and head coach to Munster five times and coach and head coach for Ireland. She has held seven international duties, including a role as an athletics official at the World Games. Pauline gives her all when coaching, dedicating the time to get to know each athlete, their strengths and weakness and encouraging them to be the best that they can be. Not only does Pauline encourage the athletes, she also encourages the volunteers and supports the committee and parents. She acts as an athlete mentor as part of the Athlete Leadership programme. Pauline is a wonderful, supportive woman who spends her time supporting the Special Olympics family.