Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board members of Special Olympics Ireland are members of the company, directors of the company and trustees of the charity.

The board is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of Special Olympics Ireland, developing Special Olympics Ireland collective’s aims, objectives and goals in accordance with the governing document, legal and regulatory guidelines. 

Our board are responsible overall for the future success of Special Olympics Ireland ensuring its long-term financial sustainability. The board acts collectively and corporately, with care, diligence and skills, in the best interests of Special Olympics Ireland. 

The composition of the Board of Special Olympics Ireland is set out in Clause 7.5.5 of the Articles of Association in the Constitution of Special Olympics Ireland. 

Board of Directors & CEO

Constitution of Special Olympics Ireland

This governing document was approved by the Members of Special Olympics Ireland at the AGM on 5th September 2020. The updated Constitution can be read in full below.

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Codes & Standards of Practice

Special Olympics Ireland subscribes to the following codes and standards of practice:

·        The Governance Code for Sport - A Code of Practice for Good Governance of Sport

·        Charities Governance Code

·        Adoption of the Charity SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice)

·        CRA Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public


In addition to our Board of Directors there are a number of subcommittees to the Board. Find out more about each of these committees in the documents below. 

Finance and Audit Subcommittee
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HR Subcommittee
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Governance Subcommittee
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Nomination & Remuneration Committee
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Regional Committee
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