Find out more about volunteering in a club

Volunteer in a Club

Club General Volunteer Roles

This role is essential to the running of every club.  A general volunteer assists with tasks such as:


  • Support and supervision of athletes during activities
  • Registration of athletes and volunteers
  • Supporting members of the club management team

Club Management Team

The Club Management Team is a group of volunteers who run the club consisting of:

Chairperson has overall responsibility for the activities of a club.  This person leads the team of volunteers running the club, represents the club, and ensures all activities are in line with Special Olympics policies and procedures.

Secretary works closely with the Chairperson on all aspects of club administration.

Sports Officers are in multi-sport clubs and represent Head Coaches for each sport at committee level.  The Sports Officer leads the team of Head Coaches, Coaches and Assistant Coaches to ensure regular quality training and participation in competition.

Safeguarding Officer ensures the Code of Ethics & Good Practice is adopted by club members and acts as a point of contact for all issues related to athlete protection.

Treasurer has overall responsibility for club income and expenditure and produces the statement of accounts.

Club Membership Officer is the point of contact for the members of the club and has the responsibility of managing relationships with athletes and volunteers. 

If you find a club in your local area that you are interested in joining, you can get more information here on how to register as a volunteer.