Introduction to Floorball


Special Olympics Ireland is the governing body responsible for the delivery of Coach Education for the sport of Floorball in Ireland.

 Floorball has been described as ice hockey without skates or ice! Floorball is played in a match between two teams consisting of five field players and a goalkeeper in the rink at one time. The idea of the game is to score more goals than the opposite team within the limits of the rules. The basic roles of the players are forwards, defenders and goalkeepers.


The aims of Special Olympics Ireland’s Introduction to Coaching Floorball course are:

  • To introduce the sport of Floorball
  • To arouse an interest in coaching
  • To promote awareness of the principles of coaching
  • To outline the basic principles and rules of Floorball
  • To teach skills, techniques, strategies and tactics of the game
  • To identify keys factors for consideration when coaching Floorball to athletes with learning disabilities

Pathway Phase:

This course is aimed at Special Olympics volunteers who wish to become involved in coaching Floorball in their clubs.  Once completed, the coach will work as a coach with athletes in the Fundamental phase.


Entry Requirements: 

Course participants will be required to be at least 16 years of age and be a registered volunteer in Special Olympics Ireland.  It is recommended that coaches would have attended Special Olympics Ireland’s Introduction to Coaching Practices course and or would complete the course within 12 months of completion of the Introduction to Floorball course.


8 hours

This is usually completed in 1 full days course, but on occasion may be split over 2 or more days.


The course will use both classroom and practically based presentations.  There will be a combination of demonstration, lectures and an opportunity to gain practical experience.  Coaches will experience all aspects of a session from planning through to evaluation of a session.


The course is attendance based and there will therefore be no formal assessment.  Coaches will receive feedback from tutors and peers during practical coaching tasks.


Full attendance is required to receive certification.

Ongoing Support:  

Regional Sports Development Officers, Regional Floorball Coordinators, Programme Floorball team and Special Olympics Ireland Sports Department will be available to provide support to coaches following completion of their Introductory Coaching Course.


Couse Cost?

Ordinarily, the course cost for the Intro to Floorball will be €50, this may vary course to course based on specific regional funding support and varying facility hire costs.

How to register?

Upcoming courses will be listed on the Special Olympics Ireland events calendar -

You can also contact your regional development officer for sport if you need further details -