Introduction to Coaching Practices (ITCP)

Course Information

Who is this course for?

The Introduction to Coaching Practices is aimed at Special Olympics volunteers who are interested in becoming involved in coaching.  Once the course has been completed, coaches will work with athletes in the FUNdamental phase in an assistant coach capacity.

Entry Requirements?

Participants will be over 16 years of age and will be registered volunteers with Special Olympics Ireland.  

No previous coaching experience or qualifications are necessary, however a strong interest in coaching and sport is recommended.

All participants are required to have at a minimum Sport Ireland - Safeguarding 1 - Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness Course or Sports NI - Safeguarding Children & Young People in Sport (basic awareness raising) prior to receiving their coaching award.

What's the course duration?


This is usually completed in 1 full days course, but on occasion may be split over 2 or more days.


The course is attendance based and there will therefore be NO formal assessment.  Coaches will receive feedback from coach developers and peers during practical coaching tasks.

Course Cost?

Ordinarily, the course cost for the ITCP will be €20, this may vary course to course based on specific regional funding support and varying facility hire costs.

How to register?

Upcoming courses will be listed on the Special Olympics Ireland events calendar -

You can also contact your regional development officer for sport if you need further details -