Three athletes stanbding side by side with arms folded and words Support an athlete

Support an Athlete

Be part of Team Ireland as we prepare for the World Summer Games in Berlin 17th - 25th June 2023

The Special Olympics World Games are the world's largest inclusive sports event.

Special Olympics Ireland will send a team of 73 athletes, supported by a 34-strong coaching and management team to compete in 12 sports at this prestigious event. This is the largest inclusive sporting event in the world and Team Ireland has a strong legacy on the world stage

Thank you for considering supporting Special Olympics Ireland by making a contribution towards the cost of sending an athlete to the World Summer Games. This will make a real difference in the lives of some of Ireland’s most inspiring athletes and you will ensure that Team Ireland’s participation at the World Summer Games 2023 leaves an everlasting impact, not only in Berlin but around the world.

graphic showing the costs of sending an athlete to the Special Olympics World Summer Games
Support an Athlete sponsors will receive

✔ Permission for use of Special Olympics Ireland World Summer Games branding on internal and external communications highlighting your support

✔ Periodic updates on Team Ireland's training and competition progress which can be circulated to your stakeholders through intranets and/or social media

✔ Invitations for your company's team members to attend Special Olympics Ireland flagship Support an Athlete fundraising events

✔ A logo feature on our website in relation to this campaign

✔ Your company name listed in “Support an Athlete Wall of Thanks” in relevant print media

✔ Permission to conduct a cause-related marketing campaign benchmarked to the level of agreed sponsorship

✔ The opportunity to supply appropriate gift items to Team Ireland athletes and coaches

For more information or to get involved in Special Olympics Ireland's Support an Athlete campaign please email: