virtual-challenges-and-competitions -wave-2

Virtual Competitions

Welcome to 2021 Virtual Competitions!

During the second wave of virtual competition 713 athletes, from across the 5 Regions entered and competed in 5 sports; Athletics, Basketball, Bocce/Bowling, Golf and Motor Activities.

The competition took place over a 7-week period with athletes submitting divisioning and final scores in Basketball, Golf, Bocce/Bowling and Athletics. Athletes in Motor Activities submitted videos of their events, which were reviewed by a panel of judges.

We are pleased to share the Results of the competition below:

Virtual Awards

To celebrate the amazing achievements of the athletes who competed in Wave 2 of the Virtual Competitions we are hosting a ‘Virtual Awards’ via Zoom.

There are two dates and times available for individuals to choose from based on their availability:

  • Monday 19th July 2021 @ 7pm
  • Thursday 22nd July 2021@ 7pm