Stronger Minds Happier Lives module 1

Stronger Minds, Happier Lives

The Stronger Minds, Happier Lives programme helps athletes to learn about, manage, and grow their understanding of mental health.

‘Stronger Minds, Happier Lives,’ Ireland’s first mental health promotion programme for people with intellectual disabilities, was developed and coproduced with Special Olympics Health Messengers, Staff, Volunteers and Mental Health Ireland. 

The five-module programme helps athletes to:  

  • grow their understanding of mental health​ 

  • manage stress and express feelings  

  • develop skills to cope with challenging emotions and tough conversations  

  • learn about the support services available.   

“Stronger Minds, Happier Lives will help athletes to help each other. That’s why I became a Health Messenger, and it’s great that mental health is being supported because looking after your thoughts and feelings is just as important as looking after your body.”

- Deirdre Nevin, Health Messenger