2023 World Games Daily Roundup: Monday 19 June

20 Jun 2023

A daily update from the 2023 Berlin World Games


The athletics track hosted some blazing performances today; none more so than Timothy Morahan's gold-medal winning efforts in the 5000m.

The blazing heat didn't seem to faze him as he powered home with apparent ease to win the middle-distance race with a personal best - 12 and a half laps in 17 minutes and 35 seconds!

His family including his brother and mother were very proud supporters indeed as they congratulated Timothy on a wonderful performance. His mother Emmy Morahan  said "I'm just shaking and I'm more than delighted. I'm so happy for Timothy. He trains so hard - he deserves it." Timothy's brother Christpher said "it's incredible, what he's achieved".

Meanwhile, the man of the hour himself said "I feel brilliant, I'm very happy. I've just won a gold medal!"


The competitions commenced today for Team Ireland Bocce and what a day it was!  

Seamus O’Sullivan, Eoin Daly, Sammy Jo Sweeney and Caitriona McLaughlin were on the court bright and early at 9am ready to take on Belgium. Team Ireland shot to the lead scoring 7-0 but things got tense when Belgium took control of the pallina, bringing the match to a draw. The crowd were on the edge of their seats and erupted into celebrations when Ireland regained their lead and won the game 8-7.  

Next up we took on Costa Rica which was a tense watch for all, resulting in Costa Rica taking the top spot. 

The Ladies Doubles brought us the absolute joy of watching Sammy Jo and Catriona win all three games against Jordan, Austria and The Isle of Man, showing absolutely no signs of fatigue, despite having played 5 games back-to-back.  

The team of 4 were back on the court in the afternoon to again take on Costa Rica in the final; an equally nerve-wracking and thrilling watch for all who were lucky enough to be spectating. 

The day was brought to a climatic close with Sammy Jo and Caitriona treating us to a top-class performance against Thailand in the Doubles final, scoring 8-4 and bringing home the gold! 


Equestrian divisioning today involved all four Team Ireland equestrian athletes putting in admirable performances. First up was Declan who was a picture of serenity seated on his steed as he sailed through his set. He was followed by Noel, Gemma and Leah. All Team Ireland riders were fantastic and had a clear rapport with their coaches Etta and Peter. We look forward to more excellent equestrian action on Thursday! 


How do you follow a big win yesterday? You go back out again and win 3 - 0 against Uganda! Team Ireland was more than up for the challenge, with team spirit running high.

The match kicked off in sweltering conditions at 2pm, beginning on an even keel  from one end of the pitch to the other until  number 9,  James Meehan from Dundalk, fired the ball into the back of the Ugandan net.  A second goal followed soon after by Raymond Singleton from Co Tyrone; his emotional celebration made clear how much it meant to him.  Raymond went on to score a second goal , leaving  the score at 3 - 0 .

It was  a well-fought win and a real team effort by the whole squad. The celebrations afterwards were joyous; the ringing of "Ole , Ole , Ole" filling the Berlin air was magical indeed.

Family, friends and supporters will be in attendance for the next football match against Hong Kong at 2pm on Tuesday - we can't wait!


Another medal was added to Team Ireland's tally today. Star gymnast Jennifer O'Halloran, who put forth great efforts in the various rhythmic gymnastics disciplines, was awarded a bronze medal. What a fantastic achievement!


More medal magic was made in Berlin as Eoin O'Connell,  a member of D6 Special Olympics Club, from Dundrum, Dublin won bronze in the 1500m open-water swimming event. Eoin's parents Marie and George were at the waterside to support and congratulate him for his amazing effort at the Grünau regatta course.