Return to Activity - Resources for Athletes

All Special Olympics Training has stopped since March due to the COVID-19. Clubs are now working on getting back to training safely.​ 

Athlete Webinar

Hear from Doctor Colm Keane , Psychologist Andy Deffew and our Sports Coach Kavanagh about going back to your Club. How to make it easier if you are worried about returning and to hear about getting back into sports and supporting your health as you get back to activities.

Entire recording takes (one) 1 hour

If your club is ready to go back to training, here’s what they will ask you to do:​ 

Step 1. Read ‘Information Sheet for Athletes and Volunteers’ ​ 

Step 2. Complete ‘Pre-Return Self Declaration Form’ ​ 

Step 3. Complete ‘COVID-19 Code of Conduct Form’ ​ 

Step 4. Read ‘Suspected or Confirmed Case of COVID-19’ ​ 

Step 5. Watch Athlete Video about returning to Training

For more information on COVID-19 / Coronavirus, please read this “COVID-19 Information Easy Read Version” and ‘COVID-19 Advise for those living in Northern Ireland’ ​ 

If you have any questions, please contact the COVID-19 Coordinator or COVID-19 Activity Lead in your Club.​ 

In order to ensure that you are fully informed we recommend completing Sport Ireland's online COVID-19 training course, which we have provided more detail on this, in the document below .

Sport Ireland online COVID-19 training course
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