Special Olympics Ireland presents the Can’t Stop Now Programme

11 Nov 2020

Special Olympics Ireland is delighted to reveal the "Can’t Stop Now online programme created for clubs, coaches, and officials across the island of Ireland.

Can't Stop Now Resources for Clubs and Coaches

The programme is a digital suite of resources to assist clubs and coaches stay connected with their athletes and continue the Special Olympics programme. Following the success of the Together at Home and the Can’t Stop Now fundraising campaign, the organisation continues the theme with a bundle of online resources to support coaches and club leaders as they change the way they interact with athlete members.

The programme is built upon six key pillars of content:

  1. Virtual Challenges
    Sporting and activity challenges to help keep athletes fit,  motivated and engaged while clubs are closed

  2. Together as Clubs
    Resources and tips for clubs when engaging online with club members

  3. Health Promotion
    Resources and workshops on a range of health topics

  4. Coach and Officials Development
    Coaching resources i.e. Session plans, videos, blogs, webinars and sport-specific formal coach development and officials education

  5. Young Athletes Programme
    A play and sport activity for children aged 4-12 years with an intellectual disability with supporting activity cards for home training.

  6. Strong Minds
    Tips and resources for keeping mentally fit and healthy.

Club coaches and volunteers have the opportunity to access these resources at any time so they can continue to deliver Special Olympics sport, health and wellbeing programmes to athletes. The  Can’t Stop Now suite gives clubs a Swiss-army knife of content and methods (e.g. How to run a Zoom meeting for club engagement) to help them present the programme online.

It also provides coaches the opportunity to attend courses and training offered by Special Olympics and other sport specific NGBs to help them upskill and add to their coaching CV.

You can access all these resources at Can’t Stop Now