Return to Activity - Resources for Athletes

All Special Olympics Training has stopped since March due to the COVID-19. Clubs are now working on getting back to training safely.​ 

If your club is ready to go back to training, here’s what they will ask you to do:​ 

Step 1. Read ‘Information Sheet for Athletes and Volunteers’ ​ 

Step 2. Complete ‘Pre-Return Self Declaration Form’ ​ 

Step 3. Complete ‘COVID-19 Code of Conduct Form’ ​ 

Step 4. Read ‘Suspected or Confirmed Case of COVID-19’ ​ 

Step 5. Watch Athlete Video about returning to Training

For more information on COVID-19 / Coronavirus, please read this “COVID-19 Information Easy Read Version” and ‘COVID-19 Advise for those living in Northern Ireland’ ​ 

If you have any questions, please contact the COVID-19 Coordinator or COVID-19 Activity Lead in your Club.​ 

In order to ensure that you are fully informed we recommend completing Sport Ireland's online COVID-19 training course, which we have provided more detail on this, in the document below .

Sport Ireland online COVID-19 training course
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