Mallow United win October Gala Gifts for Clubs cash prize

19 Oct 2021
Munster News

We are delighted to announce that Mallow United is October's  winner of the Gala Gifts for Clubs competition and has won the €500 cash prize.

Mallow United's coaches and volunteers are worth their weight in gold. 

During the pandemic, the club ran the obligatory virtual events and took part in Special Olympics online initiatives such as SO Let's Run, but it's clear being back in person has given them a new lease of life. Their online activities weren't just reserved for sports- volunteer TJ ran 12 weeks of Maths for Fun classes which were a huge hit!

A large proportion of athletes participated in the Let's Run in association with Gala Retail program facilitated by Special Olympics Munster and all of these athletes were in turn supported by Club coaches. Regular face time support was provided by volunteer coaches. All of this was achieved in the true spirit of amazing commitment and teamwork and a positive proactive group that were prepared to think outside the box.       

As we adjust to living with Covid-19,  Mallow United has a strong message for all clubs; returning to sport can be done safely and responsibly. Getting back to in-person activities has been so rewarding after a tough 18 months- the videos below show just how delighted this club is to be back!

Mallow United kayaking