Mayor of Coleraine celebrates achievements of Steven Yetman


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The Mayor of Coleraine, Alderman Maurice Bradley, welcomed members of RDA Coleraine and friends to The Mayor’s Parlour on Wednesday, 10th August, to celebrate and honour the achievements of Steven Yetman, who had attended Special Olympics World Summers Games 200 and won three medals – Bronze for Dressage, Silver for his Trail Ride, and GOLD for Equitation.

Rex Humphries, RDA Coleraine, President, thanked the Mayor for his welcome, and also Coleraine Council for their support in developing the excellent facility at Castleroe Road. He congratulated Steven and said the event was in celebration of his achievements as they availed of the facilities and support of the staff and volunteers at RDA Coleraine, especially the unbelievable amount of work undertaken by the athletes and by Christine.

Christine Hankin (RDA Chair & Senior Instructor for RDA Coleraine & Special Olympics Ulster Equestrian) said that Steven had been working for four years towards his goal and done an excellent job.

Mayor Bradley said he was delighted to welcome Steven, his parents, guests and members of RDA Coleraine to the Mayors Parlour. He presented him with a gift on behalf of Coleraine Council. He said one of his first duties as Mayor had been to visit RDA Coleraine, and send Steven on his way to Athens – he had visited the former premises previously and could see that Steven's achievements were a tribute to the work of the Officers, Committee and Volunteers at the excellent new facilities.

Fran Warden (Special Olympics Ulster Equestrian Coordinator) said that she had been privileged to travel to Athens with Team Ireland, and proud that she had been able to watch Steven win his Gold Medal in his second event. She said that some four ago Steven had confided in her that his dream was to become a successful athlete, and she had sent him to RDA Coleraine to help him achieve the dream. Little did she think how successful he would be, and she congratulated him. She also thanked Christine, for her dedication, whom she had appointed as Chief Coach of the 11 strong Equestrian Team Ulster at the Ireland Special Olympics Games in Limerick in 2010. Finally she said that the Special Olympics Games operates a 4-year cycle, and she would be back in Coleraine soon to begin the build-up for the next cycle.

Albert Clyde (RDA Secretary) said he had been privileged to travel with Steven to Dublin monthly since January 2011. He said he doubted if many appreciated the dedicated work undertaken by Steven over this period. He had got to know the other members of equestrian Team Ireland, and reported that the 5 member team had won 12 Olympics Medals – the best performance ever. He told Steven that even to be selected was a great achievement, but it was a very emotional moment when the word came through that the first medal was in the ‘bag’. The delight at RDA Coleraine when each day brought news of further success knew no bounds. He said that press/publicity people kept asking – what next for Steven? – he said, ‘Steven – next time - three golds!’

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