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Readiness for Competition – A Guide for Coaches

 Prior to entering competition, an athlete has a lot to do, from learning rules and tactics, skills and techniques, to developing physical fitness and becoming mentally prepared for the rigours of competition. As coaches, we have a responsibility to ensure that our athletes are prepared as well as possible, before entering competition.

The following resources have been designed to help you as coaches to examine your athletes’ readiness for competition. They will help to highlight areas of their preparation which may need greater attention and provide some handy tips for you to help with this development.

    The Coaching Tips provide you with some simple ideas on how to develop different aspects of your athlete’s competition preparation. 

    These handy flow charts were developed with simple Yes and No questions. One is A4 size to fit your coaching folder or logbook and the other is in A3 Poster size for your clubhouse/locker room or gym. 

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