Different styles of coaching


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Different Styles Of Coaching

There are many different styles/ techniques used when coaching. The following is a brief outline of the different styles that coaches can use when coaching athletes. When coaching a team, the team will be made up of athletes who will have different abilities and skills. It is important that as a coach you are able to identify the different types of athletes within the team, you as the coach can then choose which style of coaching is suitable for the individual.  

Examples of the different styles of coaching that can be used;



Directing would be appropriate to use when coaching athletes that have limited skills and athletes that need to be told specifically what to do. This style of coaching requires constant feedback, so you can gauge the athlete’s progress.


Coaching is needed when an athlete has skills and can progress on certain skills without supervision. They need to be given new challenges and drills that allow for them to keep progressing.

Support is needed for athletes that have some idea of what they have to do, but they don’t fully understand want it is they have to do. They then need support and guidance from the coach so they can be aware and fully understand what it is they have to do.

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