Easy to read guidelines for Social Media and Texting best practice published


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Social Media and Texting Guidelines have been developed following the growth of the use in the area by clubs, athletes and the organisation as a whole. There is a need to be aware of the risks involved and also how Clubs can work with athletes and volunteers to ensure they reduce any risks to themselves.

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These easy to read guidelines were developed to ensure both athletes and volunteers can be included in understanding of best practice in the area. Using pictures to tell the story of the Social Media and Texting Guidelines supports as many athletes as possible to understand their role in this area and also shows them that they are included in helping a club in maintaining best practice.

Also published in the last few weeks are the guidelines for Physical Contact in Special Olympics Ireland Sport. These are of value to all volunteers particularly club coaches who train our athletes on a weekly basis.

Any questions on these or any of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice publications please contact Muireann.niriain@specialolympics.ie

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