Passed all of my Exams!


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12/6/2010 7:11 PM RssIcon

Recently, I passed the last of my exams in graphic design, introduction to the internet, and communications. This means that I will now graduate in the New Year with a Certificate in General Learning.

Last week we had a sale of work where we sold lots of candles so this week we have to make some more. I like making candles.

I am doing weight watchers on a Wednesday before swimming. It’s going well and I have lost some weight

My swimming training is going good. After Christmas I hope to learn some new strokes.

Recently we have a party at the Clayton Hotel in Galway. It was brilliant. Lots of people that were in Limerick with me were there and it was good to see them again.

The snow has been great fun. It didn’t stop me getting to work every day.