Safeguarding Officer =
Safeguarding 2

Club Head Coach per Sport=
Safeguarding 1

Coach/ Chaperone =
Safeguarding 1

All Volunteers must have completed
Safeguarding 1

Safeguarding 1,2 & 3 





Athletes Code of Ethics and Good Practice
Information on how athletes can safeguard themselves 
and others can promote safeguarding within the 

Please contact Sinead or Brendan on 021-4977192 
for more details


Role of the Club Safeguarding Officer

1. Oversee and coordinate adoption and implementation of the Code of Ethics & Good Practice by the club’s members;

2. Act as a point of contact for information and for alleged incidents related to athlete protection, and liaise with external agencies as required; 

3. Promote the health and well-being of athletes participating in Special Olympics training at the club. 

4. Ensure Athlete Participation Forms (APFs) are held on-site by coaches for all training sessions and competitions

5. Ensure adequate first aid cover is provided for all training sessions


Quick Club Audit

1. Has your club completed the recommended Safeguarding Training Courses?

2. Does every club member sign code of conduct sheet annually?

3. Do members know who your club Safeguarding Officer is?

4. Do all members know what the role of the Safeguarding Officer is?

5. How do members get hold of the Safeguarding Officer?

6. Does your club have club agreements/ rules in place?

7. Does your club keep attendance records?

8. Does your club have a complaints procedure?

9. Does your club hold regular ‘touch base’ meetings with all members?