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Annual Affiliation 2017/ 2018

Click photo to see an overview of 2017/ 2018 Annual Affiliation 

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Key Dates

Documentation issued
30th August 2017
Deadline for submission

28th September 2017

Processing Complete
13th November 2017

Invoices sent to clubs
from 13th November

Affiliation Payments Due
8th December 2017 (Full amount)
Spread Payments
1st: 8th December 2017 (50%)
2nd: 28th February 2017 (25%)
3rd: 30th April 20117 (25%)


For any queries on annual affiliation
please contact Sandra on 021- 4977192


Annual Affiliation 2017/ 2018

Personal Accident Insurance Now Included
Personal Accident Insurance is now included as part of Affiliating to Special Olympics Ireland. Personal Accident Insurance provides an income or benefit if you sustain an injury as the result of an accident. Cover is also provided for medical expenses following an accident.

 For more information please click on the insurance link below.


Safeguarding and Annual Affiliation 2017/ 2018

All club Safeguarding Officers will be required to have completed Safeguarding 2 if in the role for more than 12 months and Safeguarding 1 if in the role under 12 months with their local Sports Partnership in order to be affiliated for 2017/ 2018. 

Safeguarding is everyone responsibility. For more on safeguarding please click the safeguarding image above.