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November 2013

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Joanne Kelly
Special Olympics Eastern Region
T: 01 8912000

Athlete Leadership

Special Olympics Eastern Region have a strong focus on achieving the following aims, with regards to Athlete Leadership :

•      Provide a mentor for athletes involved

•      Provide a relationship which promotes positive change and aims to improve the development and overall wellbeing of athletes.

•      To recruit and train teams of volunteer mentors to act in the role of mentor.

•      To ensure every person who volunteers as a mentor is supported, valued and recognized in their role. 

The focus of Athlete Leadership, is to enable athletes to become socially and personally more confident, with the assistance of a mentor. It is based on three cornerstones. These are communication, volunteering and governance.                        

Click here to find more information on athlete leadership.

Athlete Leadership Awards Scheme

Athletes involved can complete awards with the assistance of mentor(s). Completion of awards is an option, but is not mandatory.

Special Olympics Eastern Region Athlete Leadership

Staff in the Region along with the dedication support from our volunteer teams, wish to grow Athlete Leadership at Regional level. We are currently encouraging new mentors and athletes to get involved in Athlete Leadership.

Please contact Joanne Kelly on 01 891 2000:

  •  If you are interested in becoming a Mentor
  •  If you are interested in setting up an Athlete Leadership Group
  •  If you are interested in joining an Athlete Leadership Group
  •  If youwish to find some more information on Athlete Leadership and how you can get involved

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