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    Readiness for Competition - A Guide for Coaches 

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ogether Everyone Achieves More
Team cohesion is developed by; forming, storming, norming and performing.


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When planning training sessions or preparing to compete in an activity coach’s should plan and give time for warming up.

Mon, 27 Feb 2012 11:12:00 GMT

Some coaches and athletes ignore the importance of stretching. Regardless of the level or intensity of exercise, pre and post stretching should be a part of every individuals exercise session


Coaches are absolutely essential to Special Olympics Ireland. Without you, the programme simply cannot operate effectively. As a coach, you provide athletes with encouragement, guidance and technical support to help athletes reach their full potential.

Getting Started in Coaching

Getting Started in Coaching

Do you enjoy coaching and want to improve your knowledge? Are you involved in volunteering with an Affiliated Group and want to develop your skills?

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Introduction to Coaching Practices

Further Coach Education

Further Coach Education

  1. Introduction to Bocce 
  2. Golf Leader Training
  3. Sport Specific NGB training
  4. Introduction to Intellectual Disability
  5. Sports Coaching Guides - click into each sport on the main sports page to find out more about coaching and rules for that sport.
  6. Intellectual Disability Module Overview

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