Do you enjoy coaching and want to improve your knowledge? Are you involved in volunteering with a Special Olympics club and want to develop your skills?

Coaches are absolutely essential to Special Olympics Ireland. Without you, the programme simply cannot operate effectively. As a coach, you provide athletes with encouragement, guidance and technical support to help them reach their full potential.

Further Coach Education and Information 

Further Coach Education

Within Special Olympics Ireland there is a suggested coaching pathway that will allow you to develop your skills as a coach while also benefitting the athletes in your club with your newly acquired knowledge and skill.

  1. Introduction to Coaching Practices
  2. Introduction to Bocce 
  3. Golf Leader Training
  4. Sport Specific National Governing Body Training
  5. Introduction to Intellectual Disability
  6. Intellectual Disability Module Overview
  7. Sports Coaching Guides - click into each sport on the main sports page to find out more about coaching and rules for that sport
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