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By soeditor on 1/18/2011 6:31 PM

I really enjoyed Christmas and got lots of lovely presents

By so editor on 1/4/2011 3:54 PM

Well we got there – phew – just about. We did have to cheat a bit and stuff things in cupboards and presses to make the place look tidy. The house looked lovely when the Christmas tree and all the lights and decorations went up.

By soeditor on 12/6/2010 7:11 PM

I have passed all of my exams so I will graduate in the New Year

By so editor on 11/19/2010 3:55 PM

In September 2010, I competed in The World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships in Taiwan

By soeditor on 10/14/2010 6:17 PM

I went to St Brigit's Garden and got some very exciting news this week

By soeditor on 10/7/2010 5:39 PM

Swimming has started back again but I can't go as I have been sick

By soeditor on 9/27/2010 5:59 PM

My friend Pat was on Winning Streak - did you see me on it?

By so editor on 9/15/2010 6:21 PM

A Great Week! I met Jimmy Carr and got some fantastic news

By so editor on 9/6/2010 3:33 PM

I was thinking about getting a tattoo because I thought it is cool to have one. I would love to have one that would mean something to me so I could cherish it for the rest of my life

By soeditor on 8/25/2010 3:51 PM

I had a great time on my holidays. I went to my cousins wedding in Kerry.